Honda Recall Lookup
Honda prioritizes the safety of Honda vehicles.  Think there might be a recall on your Honda?  Use this tool to lookup potential recalls.  This tool goes back a maximum of 15 years.  Honda safety recall repairs are FREE at authorized Honda dealers, and Bronx Honda is an authorized Honda dealer and repair facility located at 1133 Zerega Avenue, Bronx, NY 10462

If you identify a safety recall on your Honda, schedule your service right here at Bronx Honda, serving Bronx, NYC, Manhattan, Westchester, Queens, Brooklyn, and more.  Call us with any questions at:  718-892-0380

Staying up to date on recall repairs is part of maintaining the safety and performance of your vehicle, so you can drive it for years to come.  

For more information regarding the Honda Airbag Inflator Recall, please click here.

At Bronx Honda, our technicians are certified to repair your recall, and maintain your vehicle for you.  Recall repairs are free, so please do not hesitate in making a service appointment to have your vehicle repaired right away. 

If you purchase or inherit a used Honda, you may enter the Vehicle Identification Number into the Honda Recall Lookup, above, and check for any recalls.  Whether you acquired your vehicle from Bronx Honda, or not, we are happy to handle your recall repair for you.  We recommend calling ahead to make sure that we have the necessary parts available for your repair, otherwise we will order them for you.

If you have questions regarding a recall or any other repair, please feel free to call our service department and speak to a service advisor who can answer your questions at (718) 904-0380.